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Precise print results - tailored to your business. Highly complex 3D prints, industrial materials, strong performance and maximum reliability ensure a futureproofed 3D printing experience. The DM3 3D printer

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Just a few years ago, 3D printers were restricted to industrial-scale manufacturing environments. The ongoing development and improvement of 3D printers has led to increasing adoption of these universally usable printers.
It is possible to divide commercially-available devices into two broad categories. On the one hand, there are desktop 3D printers, which include devices suitable for beginners and semi-professional use; and on the other hand, there is the field of industrial 3D printing. These include high quality, large and professional 3D printers.

Both desktop and industrial 3D printers are used in all conceivable fields of activity. These range from architecture through to rapid prototyping, medical applications and research. For example, thanks to 3D printing, it is now possible to create prototypes and models quickly and cost effectively for use in presentations and for validating construction and functional approaches, leading to much shorter decision-making processes. Additive manufacturing using 3D printers means that there are virtually now limits.

3D printing is now much more than a trend; it has become an established option for the cost-effective manufacture of complex components. What is now a highly mature technology continues to be developed and it is certain that it will be supported by better and better printing options in the future. How then is 3D printing used? The answer is clear: the technology is used however we can imagine it. And, as people are thoroughly creative beings, 3D printing is used in correspondingly creative ways.

News about 3D printing

News and highlights from the world of 3D printing and printers

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Swiss 3D Tec at TCT Show

From the 25th to the 27th of October 2018 the TCT Show 2018 took place in Birmingham. Swiss [...]

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Prototypenfertigung mithilfe von 3D-Druckern

Prototype manufacturing using 3D printers

Prototypes have been manufactured using 3D printers for quite some time. The first additive manufacturing processes were developed [...]

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