3D printing concept models

Visualize conceptual models quickly and affordably.

The concept model as one of the first steps in the modeling process. It only takes a few hours from the first idea to the 3D printed model. With in-house printed conceptual models, you can test your next idea extensively and make improvements early on, because a 3D printed concept model explains an idea so much better than a drawing. Test and revise your conceptual model and fix bugs before they cost you time and money.

Why you should use a DM3 for concept modeling

  • Shortening the development process from weeks and months to just a few days, or even hours.
  • Present your idea with attention to detail and scale – and to touch.
  • Create difficult shapes and geometries yourself.
  • In-house production means you can work independently, without third parties.
  • Resourceful and environmentally friendly since a large part of the raw material is used directly, generating little waste.
3D-druck Konzeptmodel
DM3 professioneller 3D-Drucker

With the DM3 you can create concept models in just a few hours