3D printing for art and design

3D printing for art and design is used in a wide range of themes. So it is appreciated more and more by artists and designers. For example, 3D printers can be used to print lights, jewelry or furniture. Individuality and customizability are in the foreground. Thanks to 3D printing, there are new possibilities in the creative design process. Limits of conventional techniques can be exceeded. Creative adjustments and changes can easily be done digitally, quickly and inexpensively. New creations can be implemented within a very short time.

3D printing for art and design

3D printers are also gaining more attention in the fashion industry. This technology opens up new possibilities for the creation of designs and forms that would not be feasible with conventional production methods. The large number of different 3D printing materials expands the spectrum of the fashionable creation process. Another plus is the ability to customize garments. Change is taking place, from creators to consumers. Garments can be designed by the client, thanks to 3D printing. Thus, it is becoming possible to create tailor-made dresses at prices closer to inexpensive individual pieces. Custom-fit, individual and unique fashion for everyone.

3D-Druck in der Modebranche
DM3 professioneller 3D-Drucker

New possibilities in the creative design process with 3D printers from Swiss 3D Tec

Lights, jewelry, furniture, or clothing. Individuality and the ability to customize by creating new designs, creations and shapes with 3D printing.