3D printing for end-use parts

The exact matching part at exactly the right time

Within just a few hours, you can create true-to-scale, high-precision parts in small numbers from 3D CAD data. Print with many different materials and colors that are in no way inferior to traditional injection molding at significantly lower production costs. 3D printing for end-use parts

Why the DM3 is perfect for making end-use parts.

  • You can prepare parts and personalize them exactly according to your needs.
  • You can have your end-use part or product within a few hours or days, instead of weeks or months as previously.
  • It eliminates the need for expensive tooling or mold making.
  • It saves costs and eliminates intermediate steps such as long delivery times or suppliers.
  • Evironment- and resource-friendly because a large part of the raw material is used directly and generates little waste.
3D-Druck Prototypenbau
DM3 professioneller 3D-Drucker

Tailored end-use parts - printed with the DM3