3D printing of spare parts

Respond quickly and stay independent with spare parts from the 3D printer.

Fast and cost-effective 3D printing of spare parts avoids costly production stops and downtimes. Due to the prompt in-house 3D printing of spare parts, you are also independent of suppliers and obsolete parts. Also, an expensive and spacey storage of enough spare parts is no longer necessary.

Why should you choose a DM3 to make spare parts?

  • Spare parts can be printed quickly and cheaply, according to your needs.
  • Rare spare parts no longer have to be stored for years. Once a part is broken, it can be reprinted.
  • By reducing the number of parts that need to be stored for a long time, storage space is reduced, and associated costs are reduced.
  • Parts that are no longer supplied by the supplier can be manufactured with a 3D printer.
  • Repair times can be drastically reduced thanks to 3D printed spare parts.
  • Costs incurred due to stationary defective machines are reduced by additive manufacturing.
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DM3 professioneller 3D-Drucker

The DM3 prints spare parts at the right time