3D printing rapid prototyping

Create prototypes quickly and affordably

In various areas of industry, turning design ideas into a model extremely quickly has become standard practice. In addition to speed, low investment costs, low usage costs (for material and machine hourly rates), and extremely easy handling are among the advantages of rapid prototyping.
Models created with rapid prototyping look like real products and can be tested with the least possible risk. In the design process you no longer have to rely exclusively on digital visualization on the screen, but can directly touch the concept and test its functions. Physical models enable sharing of design ideas with customers or colleagues – in a much more effective way than simply exchanging digital files

Why you should use a DM3 for prototype creation

  • Turn design ideas into a working model extremely quickly.
  • Test and improve your prototype. Or make a new prototype. Within a few hours.
  • Create difficult shapes and geometries yourself.
  • Resourceful and environmentally friendly because a large part of the raw material is used directly, generating little waste.
3D-Druck Prototypenbau
DM3 professioneller 3D-Drucker

Create, test and improve prototypes within hours with the DM3