DM3 - The 3D printing machine

The pinnacle of precision, versatility and reliability in the world of 3D printing

We have designed and built the DM3 3D printer so that it offers impressive print performance. This is reflected in the high quality print results, breathtaking speed and impressive accuracy. These are achieved thanks to the latest technologies including Dual Print, Direct Drive and fully automatic print bed leveling as well as dimensions that are perfectly suited to the majority of applications.

Dual Print

Different materials - different colors

Dual Print is twice as good. Thanks to this parallel printing mode, the DM3 supports simultaneous printing of two models in different colors using different materials.

In general, this is even possible if a single model is sliced. This is beacuse the DM3 is then in a position to calculate the G-code for two prints independently. All that is required is a compatible slicer and a suitable size and shape.

0.05 mm
layer resolution

1.75 mm
filament diameter



Direct Drive

For easy processing of different materials

Direct Drive enhances the print quality of the DM3 even further. The use of two direct driven extruders improves materials retraction. Consequently, all DM3 printer models print much more cleanly, so that the extremely common “hairs” that appear on the edges of models printed using standard 3D printers are eliminated.

Moreover, the DM3 can print using a larger range of materials, such as TPU. None of this is standard with other 3D printers in this price range.

Auto Kalibration

Fully automatic print bed leveling

Thanks to the physical, fully automated print bed leveling, the DM3 can recognize even the smallest variances between the print head and the print bed. This allows the stepper motors to make the necessary corrections automatically,

effectively preventing incorrectly model parts – such as the particularly unpleasant “micro-step error.”

In addition, the fully automated calibration specifically targets improvements in the adhesion between the print material and the build platform. This allows printed models to be created with the greatest possible accuracy.

Large construction volume

Because size counts

Big, but not too big: the DM3 is exactly the right. On the one hand, its dimensions are exactly what you need to create extensive, 3D printed models without any issues. On the other hand, this 3D printer is compact enough to be easily transportable, easy to use, and simple and straightforward to deploy anywhere.

X: 310 mm
Y: 215 mm
Z: 310 mm


Impressive design

Made in Switzerland

User-friendly design

The DM3 is designed so that it doesn't just create a great impression thanks to its compact styling with a smooth design that is free from unsightly protrusions. It also impresses with its versatility and user-friendliness. These are enhanced by DM3's open filament system and the variable print nozzles. Moreover, we have created a long-lasting, easy-maintenance design with an emphasis on a well-thought-out printing zone.

Open Filamentsystem

Different filaments from different manufacturers

Freedom fosters creativity. That is why we have designed the DM3’s filament system so that filaments from a range of different manufacturers can be used.

This means that users are not restricted to a single brand and are better prepared for future developments than with close systems.

The choice of a 1.75-mm diameter guarantees that, when buying filaments, users will not only have a wide range of options to choose from, but also avoids any breaks in the filament feed tube.

Variable nozzle system

To use different nozzles

DM3 users also benefit from greater freedom in respect of the print nozzles. High-quality E3D V6 type hot ends ensure the greatest possible selection of compatible nozzles. This means that DM3 users can use a variety of commercially available clones as well as well-proven E3D nozzles. Even carbon printing is possible by using special nozzles made from hardened steel.

A numeber of variations are supported in respect of the desired nozzle diameter. As well as the standard 0.4 mm size, very fine or very large nozzles with 0.25 mm or 0.8mm diameters can be used with the DM3.

0.4 mm nozzle diameter
and many more

Easy to maintain

Easy access to all components

The DM3 has been developed so that users can expect to obtain many years of high quality printing. All components are made to high quality standards and can easily be replaced when needed thanks to the modular construction of the 3D printer. The use of established standards and informal effective standards guarantees that spare parts will be available, even after several years.

Thanks to the deliberate choice to create an easy-maintenance design, users have easy access to virtually all components, which are straightforward to replace after removing just a few screws.

Thoughtful Printing Chamber

Open or closed printing chamber

Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the DM3 can be used with both open and closed print chambers. This means that users can print using PLA in an open print chamber, then switch to ABS in a closed chamber.

We are currently working on upgrades to offer even greater performance and convenience. These include an activated charcoal filter or the ability to print using thermoplastic materials at even higher temperatures.


Intuitive controls via a 7" Touchscreen

Intuitive controls via a 7" Touchscreen

In order to ensure that 3D printing beginners enjoy the same benefits from the DM3 and its wide range of options, we value maximum ease of use. As such, we not only include a seven-inch touchscreen as a user interface, but have also developed our control center on the basis of the popular and versatile Raspberry Pi, which may computer enthusiasts will already be familiar with.

7 inch Touchscreen

Color touch screen for easy operation

A 7″ touchscreen serves as the control center for the DM3. This screen makes it easy to control all the 3D printer’s features.
The intuitive user interface us laid out so that, on the one hand, beginners can achieve impressive print results with little effort, while on the other hand, pros can adjust a wide range of printing parameters to optimize their results.
A switchable touchscreen lock ensures that no unauthorized persons can change the user settings.

Powered by Raspberry Pi

Controlled by Python

The DM3 features a built-in Raspberry Pi 3. This high-performance, highly popular miniature computer works in combination with other high-quality components to guarantee outstanding print results. The Raspberry Pi 3 is seamlessly connected with the DM3’s Human Machine Interface,

while experienced users will also be able to program their own user interface on the miniature computer and adapt the system to suit their needs fully.

A user-friendly UI

  • Main Menu
  • Filament
  • Advanced Settings
  • Filament Settings
  • Connectivity
DM3 UI Filamentsettings dark
DM3 Display UI Detailsettings
Swiss 3D Tec DM3 Display


Visible display area
: 155mm × 86mm

Display resolution:
800 × 480 pixels

24-bit color

10-finger capacitive touchscreen

2 color modes



Versatility and convenience.

Multiple connectivity options

The wide range of connectivity options ensure that the DM3 is versatile, convenient and easy to use with easy access to the data it requires. As such, our 3D printer's feature set extends beyond a wide range of connections to include a unique remote access feature for maximum convenience.

Great connectivity

Various connection options

The DM3 also supports a full range of data input options, leaving nothing to be desired. Not only can users connect the 3D printer to their computers via an Ethernet cable, but both devices can also be connected wirelessly over Wi-Fi.
Data can also be transferred directly to the DM3 the DM3 using a USB stick. In addition, data can also be accessed via Dropbox™.





Remote Access

and more features

Thanks to Real VPN, users can enjoy connections to the DM3 from virtually anywhere in the world and control its functions – provided they have internet access. This also enables the latest firmware to be downloaded and installed.

It is even possible to be notified by the printer over e-mail when a print job begins, ends, or has to be canceled. An even clear insight will be offered by the camera, which will shortly become available for the DM3.





Reliability. Versatility. Precision.

Qualities that make the DM3 stand out

Do you have questions about the DM3, or do you need further details?

Do you still have unanswered questions about the DM3? We will be happy to provide you with free, no-obligation advice and demonstrate the many possibilities and benefits that our innovative 3D printer offers. Let yourself be impressed by the DM3 in three dimensions!

Frequently asked questions

Our machines are currently in use with selected retail partners and distributors and, of course, you can also inspect the printers at our office by appointment.

The printer costs CHF 5,195.00 including VAT. However, we offer custom discounts based on order quantities and other factors.

There is a two-year warranty on every new unit. Consumables such as nozzles and hot ends, etc., are excluded frm the warranty.

We can print test files, provided that we are allowed to show them on our social media platforms. We will do our best to fulfill all test requirements; however, we must work within our internal capacity constraints.

Downloadable “DM3” printer information brochure (.pdf)