How is 3D printing used?

How is 3D printing used? We answer this question here. Even a few decades ago, rapid, cost-effective production of prototypes and models that would be accurate in the smallest detail was simply inconceivable. Models and prototypes were milled from metal or shaped by hand using clay, wood or plaster. This made the production process very lengthy and immensely restricted the available options. Then, in the late 1980s, a new technology was introduced that revolutionized the aircraft, engineering and automotive industries as well as the fields of education, fashion, and design. “Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)”, a 3D printing process, suddenly made it possible to “print” complex geometric shapes in a relatively short time. We are keen to address the question of How is 3D printing used? here.

3D-Druck Prototypenbau

End-use parts

3D-druck Konzeptmodel

Concept Models

3D-Druck Endgebrauchsteile

Spare parts

3D-Druck Prototypen


3D-Printing automotive sector

Visual aids

3D Druck an Schulen