Where is 3D printing used?

Over the last few years, 3D printers have developed to the extent that it is scarcely possible to imagine industry without them. They are increasingly used in mass production environments and to construct prototypes, while architects and the medical industry also value their benefits. As such, products such as prostheses, surgical tools and entire prototype vehicles can be manufactured. In aircraft construction, it is even possible to save up to 50% of total weight through the use of 3D printing, which benefits both the environment and the aircraft’s in-flight characteristics. Even entire buildings can be built with 3D printing. These examples make it clear how versatile the applications for this technology are.

Where is 3D printing used? 3D printing processes are used in an extremely broad range of sectors and applications.

The following descriptions provide an insight into the wide variety of applications for which a 3D printer can be used.

3D-Druck in der Autoindustrie

Automotive Sector

3D-Druck fuer Kleinserien

Low-volume production

3D-Druck für Prototyping


3D Druck in der Luftfahrtindustrie

Aviation industry

3D-Druck im Maschinenbau


3D-Druck im Gesundheitswesen


3D-Druck für Kunst und Design

Aviation industry

3D-Druck in der Architektur


3D-Druck in der Schule


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